Pixieset Session download


Pixieset is an awesome service that I utilize to seamlessly deliver your images to you! No more waiting on CD or USBs! Once the editing of your session is complete, I send you a link and 4-digit downloading pin customized for your online, personalized gallery. These galleries can also be password protected upon request. This link, 4-digit downloading pin, and password (optional) can be shared with any friends and family, and they will then have the ability to download the digital files as well! Don’t want anyone else downloading? Easy! Simply don’t share your 4-digit downloading pin! I have compiled a step-by-step tutorial below explaining how to view and download your digital files!

To begin simply type or copy and paste the link provided to you into your browser. You will be taken to a screen similar to this. You will see one large cover photo with the name of your gallery below.

Upon scrolling down, you will see your images, below the larger cover photo and gallery information. Keep in mind, you may have separate collections within your gallery!

To View/Share

To view an individual image, simply click on the photo! You can then choose to share the image or mark as favorite!

Simply hover over the “share” icon to see sharing options!

To Download

Now to download your images, simply return to the main screen and locate the download symbol, marked below. (downward arrow)

Once you click the download icon, you will be redirected to a screen similar to this and prompted to enter your email and the 4-digit pin you will have received with your personal gallery link.

Simply enter your email and 4-digit pin.

A link will be sent to the address provided. However, you can now download directly from this screen! Simply click “download now!”

Your files will download as a “zipped” folder.

Thank you!



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