Tristan turns one! Cake smash | Ashland Ohio photographer

This weekend we celebrated Tristan’s first birthday! Eek! Mixed emotions about all this!!! Photographing him from a newborn, through all his baby milestones and now his 1st birthday has been a blessing! And a challenge!


I have been so busy with clients pictures, building the website, working on pretty much everything business related while working 35 hours to cover some changes in the office! I tried to find the time to even do the session, let alone build my backdrop I wanted, or my cake! On that subject my friend Jen with Jennifer Carpenter photography did awesome on her valentines day backdrop! She will be posting soon check out her sneak peaks here
After hearing about her struggles with that I decided to drop that ball and go an easier route! After all being 7 months preggo and preparing for your sons 1st birthday party amidst 10 valentine sessions is a little tiring!! Take it from me, my charlie horses and sore back will thank you (:


I am so glad I was able to do this session. Looking back through the photos they will be my favorite for a long time to come.


That sweet smile and laugh? Oh my! I never catch anything like that of my son on camera! He has grown found of the shutter sound and decided he wants to operate that machine himself. Like he does my his iPhone.

Everytime I look at these photos I tear up a bit. Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones gone wild, maybe it’s the fact that my little baby is growing up too fast. To be able to capture those feelings and a years worth of memories in these simple photos makes it all the more special to me. Truly a milestone worth catching.


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