Vintage trunk reveal!

Today on one of my many increasing days home I woke up, ate breakfast and my internal war began. To clean the house you’ve neglected or to start a project? even though I already have 3 going at the moment. Why I even call this an internal war I have no idea it’s more like me telling myself all the reasons why I Should craft and ignoring every other logic that may pop into my head.
There she sat my $5 garage sale find my grandma found and picked up, thinking I MAY want it. UMMM YES!!! And 5 bucks, score!!!



She’s been at the end of our bed for half a year, I kept debating to redo her or not. Than right before christmas at our gender reveal party we find out we’re having a little girl!!! I can finally have my vintage nursery!!! So trunk redo it is!!

The plus here is that it was a quick one! I am an avid lover of all things white. Most my project or rooms start out with the intention of being white and beautifully distressed and vintage. The real battle here folks is this other person inside me who keeps winning and somehow I end up with yellow velours and purple satins. Apparently my style is not what I think.
Alas this project was truly after my own heart. (the one I want beating inside me anyway !)
I’m an avid DIYer which stems mostly from my desire to do things myself and secondly from being broke haha. I try to save as much money for things for the little ones when it comes to my many house projects. The norm is if I can’t do it myself or the hubs or father in law can’t, it doesn’t exist in out house. I always have white paint in the house so this cost me nothing today!!! Big plus! The paint color is a custom I mixed, most of my furniture is painted in this shade. It’s a creamy white that goes well in our house.
I decided to line the trunk lid with old book pages. *melt my heart* . Once again between not wanting to spend money and not wanting to go out in this snow storm I made mod podge today!! Great recipe that DOESNT require Elmer’s glue. Why I don’t have that at home I don’t know!! I found the recipe here, thanks pinterest!
I’ve never used mod podge buts it’s pretty self explanatory I just re used the brush I painted with and put a coat on underneath stuck em on and than brushed over top. * note – this is not a glossy mod podge*
It dries pretty quickly, which suits my lack of patience very well.

A little sanding and distressing afterwards and she’s done! I love it!!

What do you think?








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