Thanks for stopping by my page!!!

Ah! My first blog post! A little about myself, We just celebrated our two year anniversary (hurray!) , I am a workin’ momma with a little one  who keeps me plenty entertained and seems to be my center of attention, imagine that. He is seven months old likes to kick and beat me up, no but seriously we have fun, he is a little sweetheart.. most of the time (;  I love to craft, DIY, make messes out of anything and hopefully those messes turn into something beautiful at the end. I mean I think my kid turned our pretty great and I made him. See craftiness at its prime!  I’ll post my latest photography adventures and some day soon I’ll get around to taking real pictures of the house and do a tour and a DIY guide. I’ll have to keep this one short since a certain little someone is breathing hot and heavy in my ear, saying he wants my attention, probably to show me the dirty diaper he pulled out the trash to chew on for the umptenth time today! I promise we really are a hygienic family (:



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